Friday, April 29, 2016

Aria Maestosa 1.4.12 released

A new bugfix release of Aria Maestosa has just been released. The following bugs have been fixed :

  • Fix bug with time signature changes
  • Fix potential crash
  • Fix issue with unicode characters in track names


  1. New version 1.4.12c does not run on win8.0 or win 8.1 both 32bit
    "Not compatible to Windows.Version"
    But I installed successfully on win8.1-64bit in Prog(86x)-folder
    Old version 1.4.10 ran without problems ...

    1. Hi, indeed newer builds of Aria require 64-bits versions of Windows. I have clarified the downloads page and offered a separate 32-bits link (which for now points to version 1.4.10)

  2. Is there any ability to change the selected notes to other notes?

    1. Hi, the blog is not the best way to get support. I am not sure I fully understand the question, but selected notes can be changed by dragging them with the mouse (or using the keyboard arrows)