Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New blog, and Aria Maestosa 1.4.2

Sourceforge has been experiencing issues for a while with its blogging service, so here I am on a new blog. If you were registered on CSS feeds on the old blog to get updates, please update your links!

Aria Maestosa has just been released, with the following new features, including a few major bug fixes :

  • Fixed bug that could cause Aria to stop playing prematurely in a song using varying tempo
  • Fixed sending playback to external device on OSX
  • Fixed playback and export issues that could ensue when a note was placed just before the playback start
  • Fixed issues with loop
  • Fixed playback sometimes stopping very sharply, not leaving time for notes to ring
  • Mark the measure where the song starts in the measure bar
  • Fix some dialogs appearing on the wrong screen in multi-monitor setups, especially on linux
  • Start using more native button bars in dialogs (Alexis Archambault)
  • Fix a few truncated labels on linux

And since I didn't get the chance to post the news about the previous version since the blog was down :

  • Use more standard 44100 Hz when exporting to sampled audio on OSX
  • On Linux, allow exporting to sampled audio using Fluidsynth
  • Fixed exporting midi track names (Alexis Archambault)
  • Active dropping documents on the main frame on all OSes (Alexis Archambault)
  • Improve look of loop button on Linux when using wx 2.9
  • Add setting to remember window location
  • Make Aria work correctly in OpenGL mode on Linux
  • Move config : on linux, to ~/.config, on Windows, out of the registry

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